Monday, November 26, 2007

Sophie II

Lens: 50mm f/1.8
Aperture: f/1.8
Speed: 1/8 second
ISO: 100
Color correction


Margie said...

What a sweet smile hidden behind a bunch of fun bangs! I love that her teddy joined her.

Margie said...

P.S. I would maybe back out a little more (for next time) not to cut off her arm. Then you can always go in and crop later.

Carolyn said...

I like her smile. Why is her dress blurred? and I think teddy is too big.

Lydia said...

@Margie: Thanks for the notes. I had the camera in pretty close so the tree would be the only thing in the background, instead of the blinds,etc. And it was on a tripod, so I couldn't make quick adjustments. This would have been a good time to have a lens that would zoom in and out quickly (like the 18-55mm, but the lighting was too low for it).

@Momma: The dress is blurred because of the low lighting. I had to do fairly long exposures (you'll see this one is 1/8 of a second, where a typical exposure is 1/200 of a second), and you can't keep a one-year-old still for an eighth of a second! Out of 65 shots, I only got about 15 where her face wasn't blurry.

So no, photography-wise this probably isn't the best shot, but it's the best at showing this goober of a girl, always smiling, always moving!!

Leanna said...

What a little goober is exactly what I was going to say! Cute shot!