Wednesday, November 7, 2007

As the World Turns...around the park

Lens: 18-55mm /3.5-5.6
Multiple exposures
Manipulated in Photoshop


mab said...

Now that's cool!

Leanna said...

That's really cool. How did you do that. I have a few "panorama" shots we took in Seattle that could work like that.

Carolyn said...

mab stole my line (what I said when I saw the photo) so I'll say, "That's very creative."

Margie said...

Lydia, I'm impressed!

Lydia said...

Just a little bit of Photoshop trickery is all! :)

For anyone interested, here's the tutorial. The only thing I did differently was I stitched the panorama directly in Photoshop, and cropped it myself to work 360 degrees.